Genesis Healthcare Announces Service Collaboration with Clear Labs
To offer Comprehensive Genetic Food testing Services in Japan

Genesis Healthcare and Clear Labs. Inc., a US venture located in Menlo Park, CA (CEO: Dr. Sasan Amini) will join forces to offer ClearLab’s World’s First Comprehensive Genetic Food testing services to Japan from April, 2017. Food safety has reached a new level by meeting up with genetic technology.

Rise in Concerns for Food Inspection and Detection

Tackling the rising concerns and needs for Food Safety and Verification has been a challenge in developed countries and especially among food manufacturers and retailers. While consumer awareness for safety and quality also increase with each global incident that affects the health and well-being, it has been a challenge for food companies to find the right scientific tools to trace or validate the good and its content until a health or quality issue arise. In order to tackle these issues for both the food companies and consumers, ClearLab’s Comprehensive genetic test serve as a one-stop screening tool for up to 2M food items, bacterias and microbiomes, chemicals, and GMOs, obtained via next generation sequencing. Since each cell of any living organism has its “signature” marked in its genes, the screening platform will detect from its 2M food analytics platform called Clear View, the precise content of any given food item.

About Clear Labs

Clear Labs was founded in 2014 by a group of software engineers and genomic scientists to index the world's food and living organisms and set worldwide standards for food detection, safety and integrity. ClearLab serves as the pioneer for genetic food analytics through its flagship service called “Clear View”, which allows detection and screening of approximately 2M food, bacteria, microbiomes, GMOs and chemical residues in food.

Clear Labs is located in Menlo Park, CA, USA and headed by its two co-founders, Dr. Sasan Amini, CEO and Dr. Mahni Ghorashi Co-founder

About Genesis Healthcare

Genesis Healthcare, oftentimes quoted in the Japanese media as the pioneer of genetic research and testing in Japan, currently provides over 2000 genetic tests to the research and medical community.  Our 70% market share in consumer segment proves to show our strong market leader position and trust. Since inception, we have conducted more than 1M tests, of which 500,000 samples are obtained from the consumer segment which places Genesis Healthcare as possessing the largest genetic database in Japan and possibly in Asia. Due to our resourceful database and highly knowledgeable researchers, medical practitioners, scientists and geneticists, all of our tests and products are developed in house at our own research facility: Genesis Institute of Genetic Research (GIGR).

【Public Relations Division】
Attention; Mr. Kazutaka Sato, Public Relations